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Tricia Jenkins has been a Soft Tissue Therapist and teacher for over 20 years, her clinic is now based mostly in Cromer with Thursdays still on Sydney’s North Shore (Crows Nest).

She has worked extensively with NSW and Australian sport:  She was Massage Therapist for the Australian Team at Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London Olympics plus Melbourne and Delhi Commonwealth Games and has also worked with numerous sporting teams including travelling with the Australian Swimming and Softball teams for many years.  She has also worked with the Australian Mens Cricket Team when the team is in Sydney and on a tour to South Africa in 2011

Tricia has always had a passion for massage & helping others to succeed.  It was a part of her life from a very early age where both massage and counselling family and friends were a natural occurrence.  When she moved to Australia from England she studied and gained official qualifications while falling even more in love with massage. She is continually fascinated by the complexities of the human being from a physical and emotional perspective.  Her fascination with the mind body connection and the results she got using the tools in her own life led her to study and integrate these tools into her treatments: She studied Kinesiology and is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Master Coach which she uses to help clients get to the true cause of their problems – whether they are physical, emotional or biochemical – and finds the right solution for them to overcome their problems.

She brings many years of professionalism and expertise to the industry helping her clients get the results they want.

Some of the highlights:

2004 – Present – Australian Swimming Team – Overseas travel to various events

2012 – London Olympics – Australian Swimming Team

2011 Australian Mens Cricket Team – travel to South Africa

2010 – Delhi Commonwealth Games – Australian Swimming Team

1999 – 2009 Australian Women’s Softball Team – Overseas travel to various events

2008 Beijing Olympics – Australian Team Headquarters treating all sports

2008 Gladiators TV Series – treating Gladiators

2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games – Australian Team Headquarters treating all sports

2004  Athens Olympics – Australian Team Headquarters treating all sports

2000 Sydney Olympics – Australian Team Headquarters treating all sports